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Why use YMS insourcing services?

At Your Medical Services, ensuring the safety of our patients and staff is of the utmost importance. We have systems in place to ensure that the quality of service across all aspects of our business is monitored and reviewed.

The YMS Governance Team is responsible for making sure agreed governance processes are followed and maintained.

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Why use YMS insourcing services?

Meet The YMS Team

Jon Knappett

Jon Knappett

YMS Director

Holly Street

Holly Street

Service Co-ordinator

Working alongside the YMS team is Dr Ian Grant, the Responsible Officer for both Your Medical Services and the wider Your World organisation. Dr Grant and the Clinical Advisory Team bring additional expertise in specialist areas, such as health & safety, complaints management, incident reporting and root cause analysis.

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System of Governance

Principles of Governance

The Your Medical Services governance framework benefits from multi-disciplinary involvement and has adopted 4 key principles, along with 6 key actions to ensure robust clinical governance.

  • Pro-active management of performance and compliance against an agreed set of professional, regulatory and internal standards
  • An operational policy and standard operating procedures, which we review annually to ensure policy and practise are aligned
  • Implementation of national regulatory requirements/standards
  • Real-time feedback from patients, clients and incident review

Clinical Governance is a framework that aids the measurement and continuous improvement of clinical services. Clinical services are delivered by a wide range of people from different disciplines, whose work will either directly or indirectly affect a patient’s journey. Governance becomes an important part of each member of staff’s daily work.

Staff working for us are regularly assessed to ensure they are kept up to date with training, education and appraisals. These are checked and updated annually and documented as part of the bi-annual governance meetings.

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Clinical Governance

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Systems of Clinical Governance

Your Medical Services has established processes (working in partnership with NHS Trusts) to ensure the following:

Our Governance Team meets quarterly to review all quality reports and provide guidance on clinical issues, service development and incident investigations. In any instances where quality of service is not satisfactory, our team will be open and honest about what went wrong, and endeavour to correct the issues. These outcomes are shared with the local hospital if requested.

Your Medical Services is fully committed to ensuring the appropriateness of the clinical services we provide and maintaining and improving the quality of those services. We firmly believe that these aims will be best achieved by a transparent governance programme, which encompasses the business, its staff and third parties as necessary.

Our service for NHS Trusts extends beyond the provision of clinical staff. It includes the sharing of information and our collaboration with the Trust to improve the service given to patients on an on-going basis.

In addition, our governance arrangements incorporate feedback from patients and hospital staff about the service being offered by Your Medical Services. These are routinely reviewed at the quarterly governance meetings.

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