Endoscopy Case Studies

Endoscopy Case Study: London


As one of London’s most significant and busiest teaching hospitals, it was fundamental YMS delivered a proactive and effective solution. The Trust already struggled with a backlog of over 500 surveillance patients that needed to be urgently dealt with.


YMS quickly identified an answer which involved, utilising the Trust’s capacity on the weekend through a better practise. By booking 26 points a room to allow for DNA’s, YMS could help clear the backlog in under ten weeks by running three fully staffed rooms on Saturday and Sunday.


Within two weeks, YMS’s service was set up and consecutively ran for ten weeks across three rooms every weekend. They ensured success by providing the Trust with a pool of seven Doctors and 30 nurses.

Due to the success of the project, and the delivery of the contract, The Trust contacted YMS again to follow up with the same plan a year later, which was also successfully delivered, with minimal impact on the Trust’s internal staff.

Endoscopy Case Study: Essex


For the past two years, YMS has been supplying the Trust with consultants assigned to work alongside the Trust’s Nurses and help with the backlog of missed midweek and weekend appointments.

When it came to assess the progress of YMS’s service delivery, the number of missed appointments in the week was still quite high.


To further support the Trust, YMS sought to cover the backlog of missed appointments by connecting and building an extensive network of local consultants, such as Gastroenterologists and Surgeons.

YMS then ensured the local consultants differed in availability, meaning, more patients were seen at a rapid rate. They made sure a substantial number of local consultants were provided for any midweek cover required with a minimal waiting time.

The Trust also provided YMS with the details of the month’s requirements two weeks beforehand, and kept YMS up to date with any additional late notice cover lists, covering both AM and PM.

As communication improved, YMS were then able to provide consultants to cover Diagnostic lists, therapeutic, inpatient and GA lists with a core group of talented healthcare professionals who knew the Trust well, had worked alongside them previously and understood their needs.


Due to YMS’s response and delivery, the Trust became happier to book and insource consultants for more complicated procedures.

Recently, YMS has supported the Trust in their successful JAG audit, by ensuring all doctors provided feedback on the Trust’s procedures and protocols.

All workers were required to provide all endoscopy data from their other assignments.

Another positive result from the collaboration between the Trust and YMS is the local consultants were able to support the Trust by training all endoscopy nurses.

Currently, YMS have 22 JAG accredited Consultants approved with the Trust to ensure they’re able to cover any dropped sessions or additional required lists, while offering an effective service to the Trust from five days to one-hour notice periods.

Endoscopy Case Study: Midlands


Serving one million residents, the Trust required Your Medical Services integration help to increase productivity, maximise capacity, reduce costs from a pre-existing supplier while ensuring outstanding care to patients was always delivered.


YMS found a productive solution the Trust could utilise. This involved reducing their costs through a more economically favourable pricing schedule and gain more flexibility on the number of nurses they need.

While contract was booked as diagnostic activity only, YMS consultants, routinely removed polyps where safe to do so and at no extra costs, going above and beyond their requirements to ensure all patients were given the best possible care and pathway.

YMS achieved this by supplying fully staffed teams for the weekend and weekday capacity, as well as filling midweek lists with additional consultants and nurses working alongside the Trust’s nurses.


The results were phenomenal. Not only did YMS help clear the backlog of missed patient appointments, but they also provided additional consultants and nurses while the Trust recruited their substantive roles.

To this day, YMS continue to support the Trust with back-filled lists in their community hospitals.

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The Consultants and Nursing team which YMS have provided have always been professional, knowledgeable and caring.

Lead Nurse – Endoscopy

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