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High-quality insourcing

Your Medical Services have provided a high-quality insourcing service to our endoscopy department. Their Consultants are of a high standard with CVs and KPI data to back this up. The Nursing staff have worked well within our department and have left the department in a stocked and ready state. The service they have and are providing is invaluable.

Service Manager
Gastroenterology and Endoscopy.

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Positive change to working practice

Your Medical Services has been supplying regular endoscopy services at ESNEFT since 2018, undertaking an average of 60% of all weekend activity. They also provide bowel screening accredited endoscopists.

They have been responsive to any issues or concerns raised, implementing robust quality assurance processes. Their administrative allocation for both medical and nursing staff is extremely good, and their staff are friendly. YMS communicate very well and do their best to integrate into the substantive workforce.

The service has supported positive change to working practice of YMS staff. It is always difficult for insourced staff teams to adopt the same work ethic as substantive employees but for the most part, YMS achieves this.

General Manager

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Good with communication

Your Medical Services have always been good with communication and in a timely manner. All endoscopists who have work at in the department have been of a high standard, and I have been given the opportunity to review and approve all consultants prior to them working with us. This is a key relationship building part of the service, which shows openness and honesty.

Consultant and Clinical Lead
Gastroenterology and Endoscopy

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Professional, knowledgeable and caring

The Consultants and Nursing team which Your Medical Services have provided have always been professional, knowledgeable and caring.

Lead Nurse

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Impressive standard of clinical colleagues

I have been impressed with the standard of clinical colleagues that I have worked with while undertaking insourcing work with YMS. YMS really ensure that all teams are integrated and inducted prior to working in any Trust, so we can seamlessly work in hospitals outside our own trust easily and safely. There’s also a clinical point of contact at head office, so any clinical issues can be raised and discussed at any time.


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They really care about the outcomes for patients

I feel totally supported by the team. From the point of registration to undertaking the clinical work, YMS are there to support the team every step of the way. You can tell that they really care about the outcomes for the patients which feeds through to the teams working in the hospital.


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We couldn’t have got through this difficult period without YMS

There are no words to explain how valuable and effective Your Medical Services have been to our Breast Service. Not only have they provided an insourced solution to our Breast Clinics, they helped our team continue to meet our Two Week Wait targets, improve patient Referral to Treatment (RTT) within breast surgery and continue to deliver consistent and outstanding patient care. We couldn’t have got through this difficult period without you, thank you.

General Manager
Breast Surgery

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YMS have always provided high-quality doctors for various specialties

For the past three years, I've been collaborating with Service Manager Aliye and Director Jon Knappett from Your Medical Services, both of which have been incredibly understanding, consistent and flexible. From medical retina to glaucoma, general clinics to paediatric clinics, YMS have always provided high-quality doctors for various specialties, while helping to minimise our backlog of patients. Financially, Your Medical Services have been a breath of fresh air as their candidates help us keep costs low. If there have been any incidents, these are dealt with promptly by them and their clinical lead. Thank you!

Service Manager

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They’re an Insourcing agency who are passionate about the work they do

Your Medical Services have been exceptional throughout the entire process, particularly Service Manager Aliye. She ensured all doctors, current and new, felt supported in their work and their individual needs were met.

They’re an insourcing agency who are passionate about the work they do and dedicate themselves to their consultants.

It’s been a pleasure to work alongside a professional yet friendly agency that genuinely looks after its staff.


Testimonials 10 / 10

Consistent, flexible and cost-effective

We couldn’t thank Your Medical Services anymore than we already do. From working alongside each other in previous campaigns to the current project, Your Medical Services have always demonstrated themselves to be consistent, flexible and cost-effective.

We are looking forward to working with Your Medical Services in the future. Thank you.

General Manager