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Putting Our Patients First

Our teams deliver clinically-effective, patient-focused care and always put our patients first to ensure we provide the best service and safest care possible. We never rush patients and treat everyone with compassion. These factors have contributed to our 98% Patient Satisfaction Rate across all services.

We actively encourage patient feedback and provide Patient Satisfaction Surveys as an integral part of our discharge process. These surveys allow us to monitor our patients’ experience of the service, including the treatment they received and the performance of our staff.

Patient feedback is an essential part of our service performance reviews which we complete with our clients. This is to ensure that our patients’ voices are included in the continuous improvement of our services.

Along with our exceptional Patient Satisfaction Rate and the monitoring of Satisfaction Surveys, we also regularly receive written feedback from patients who have benefitted from our services. Below is a collection of patient feedback detailing the care and compassion that our teams have provided and the impact it has had on our patients.

Patient feedback

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Service feedback01 / 09

Patient feedback

Kettering General

Today was the second time I was lucky enough to see the same YMS Doctor at Kettering General. Three previous failed laser eye surgeries and nearly five years of being passed from pillar to post from various hospitals & Consultants have left me with a multitude of problems. This is the first time in all these years that a specialist has thoroughly, patiently, and clearly explained my symptoms and situation properly. He is a treasure.

Thank you, Doctor, for demystifying things.

Service feedback02 / 09

York Hospital

This is a Positive feedback message. Due to having severe endometriosis, I knew my endoscopy was likely to be painful. I had been very nauseous when trying to follow the prep instructions and was already feeling quite ill when I arrived on the unit, not to mention extremely anxious. Despite sedatives and strong painkillers, the procedure was excruciating. Still, I have to say I don’t think I could have seen it through without the kindness of the two nurses in attendance - particularly from one nurse called Richard. His kindness, understanding, and communication are an asset to the unit, and I would like to thank you.

Patient feedback

Service feedback03 / 09

Wrexham Maelor Hospital

The consultant discussed the outcome of a procedure with a patient in the recovery room, that patient happened to be my neighbour. More privacy would be desirable.

Service feedback04 / 09

Wrexham Maelor Hospital

The Doctors and nurses who carried out procedures were excellent. Thank you for taking such very good care of me.

Service feedback05 / 09

York Hospital

The whole procedure from start to finish was excellent. Highly professional and very efficient.

Service feedback06 / 09

Wrexham Maelor Hospital

Quick procedure. Professional, made me feel at ease very well ran, all questions answered. Friendly and polite at all times.

Service feedback07 / 09

Wrexham Maelor Hospital

I cannot praise this department enough, excellent care from start to finish. Very professional staff and very kind. 5 stars!

Service feedback08 / 09

York Hospital

Professional and pleasant, caring. Well done to everyone thank you

Service feedback09 / 09

Wrexham Maelor Hospital

All staff were welcoming and friendly. The procedure was explained in detail in an understanding way, several times as I went through the steps.

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