Ocular Plastics Case Study

Ocular Plastics Case Study: East of England


A Trust in the East of England faced significant backlog with 1st Outpatient appointments for Ocular plastics patients. With substantial gaps within their staffing pool and whilst struggling to recruit specialists Doctors, they needed help to improve their waiting lists. The request was to provide additional capacity within the service with a quick turnaround and help reduce the long waiting lists so patients could be seen, treated and discharged from the service where clinically appropriate.


YMS collaborated with the Trust in the East of England to initially provide support on outpatient’s appointments for Ocular plastics and reduce wait times within the service. Over the length of the contract the service was expanded to support additional surgical capacity and outpatient follow ups.

YMS delivered the service across 12 months which was led and implemented alongside the YMS lead Consultant specialising in Oculoplastic and Reconstructive surgery. The initial aim of the contract was to support on 1st Outpatient appointments. This was to ensure long waiting patients could be seen and safely discharged from the service, where clinically appropriate.

There was a total of 770 patients booked into the service and out of those seen 182 were discharged, resulting in an overall 24% discharge rate. The service also managed follow up appointments and surgery sessions. 18% of patients seen were listed for surgery. The procedures carried out were as follows:

  • Blepharoplasty
  • Ptosis repair
  • Brow lift
  • Eyelid reconstruction
  • Entropion repair
  • Trichiasis and dystichiasis management
  • Eyelid lesion excision
  • Tear duct surgery
  • Dry eye management
  • Toxin injections

Working in partnership with the Trust, clinics were either run on the weekend or where there was midweek capacity as to not affect the day-to-day operations. YMS was able to maximise the use of the trusts existing resources to increase support and reduce patient’s pathway.


The partnership with YMS allowed this trust to:

  • Improve the overall quality and efficiency of the patient journey
  • Reduce their waiting list for 1st Outpatient appointment and discharge patients
  • Effectively utilise the Hospital rooms and theatre space leading to cost efficiencies
  • Receive cost savings against national tariff
  • Benefit from YMS's responsive and flexible approach

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