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With an ever-expanding population, patient waiting times in the UK continue to rise and the pressure on RTT, Diagnostic, Surveillance, Cancer and Cancer Screening pathways is at an all-time high. Research suggests that the UK national average for meeting urgent cancer wait targets is only 55%.

How can we help?

Your Medical Services aims to reduce waiting time pressures on gastroenterology and endoscopy departments within NHS and private settings. Our Clinical Team, made up of highly experienced NHS Consultants, Nurses, Decontamination Technicians and Support Staff will work to cover any unused capacity, maximising output and reducing backlogs within your department. This results in a true seven-day service solution that will support your organisation to become compliant, while providing an outstanding level of care for patients.

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Our mission...

How do our services work? 01 / 06

Step 1

We will work with you to identify available capacity within the department on weekdays, evenings and weekends.

How do our services work? 02 / 06

Step 2

Next, we will collaborate with you to produce a Trust-specific operation policy that details all local policies, procedures and patient pathways.

How do our services work? 03 / 06

Step 3

A team of Consultants, Nurses and Decontamination Technicians will then be handpicked by us and approved by you to work in your Trust.

How do our services work? 04 / 06

Step 4

Our team will carry out the service to reduce waiting times and patient backlogs.

How do our services work? 05 / 06

Step 5

Following the first week, we will review the service with you and, if necessary, make any required adjustments.

How do our services work? 06 / 06

Step 6

Weekly telephone calls and monthly conference service review calls will be established, so we can ensure the quality of service remains high and allow two-way feedback going forward.

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